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Last updated: 15 02 2018

If you visited this website before you will notice something has changed. I rearranged my art gallery a bit, to make it easier for you to walk trough and study my paintings that should be on your walls…

If you prefer my "vintage" website - there is still a lot of stuff there that’s not on this pages yet - you can go there by clicking on this link or on the banner on top of this page.


nederlands nieuws

recently finished paintings

a true story

more paintings

oil on panel


schilderijen in prive verzamelingen

another reputation going down the drain

enter to view some very small paintings

say no more

small stuff 15x20cm


Enjoy your stay


drawings and cartoons

the artist at work

een aantal stripverhalen van Duk Deny


if you got bored of this site


if you want some more information

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